Braun XT3 vs XT5: Key Differences, Similarities, and Which One to Choose

Trimming is not something you want to skip, no matter how much you dislike it. You need trimming whether you’re attending an interview, getting married, or having dinner at the seaside. So, we have found the two best shaving machines, the Braun XT3 vs XT5.

When it comes to shaving machines, Braun has consistently been a trusted name in the industry. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Braun has produced a range of shaving machines that cater to the diverse needs of individuals. Yet finding a good trimming device that caters to all your needs is no less important. 

In this article, we will be comparing two popular models from Braun’s lineup: the Braun XT3 and XT5 shaving machines. Whether you’re a daily shaver or someone who prefers a more low-maintenance routine, finding the right shaving machine can make a world of difference.

So, let’s dive in and explore the features, performance, and overall value of the Braun XT3 and XT5 shaving machines to help you make an informed decision.

Why Braun?

When it comes to men’s hair grooming products, Braun is one of the leading companies in the world. Established in Germany in 1921, It has been in business for almost 100 years now. They are known for making some of the most reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable grooming products.


Braun Series XT5, XT5200

Braun Series XT5, XT5200
  • One Blade for Edge, Trim And Shave
  • Water Resistant- Wet Dry Shaver
  • Ergonomic Rubberized Design
  • High Speed Motor 450 Rotations Per Second

The Pioneer

Braun Series XT3, XT3000

Braun Series XT3, XT3000
  • One Blade for Edge, Trim And Shave
  • Water Resistant- Wet Dry Shaver
  • Ergonomic Rubberized Design
  • High Speed Motor 450 Rotations Per Second

Braun XT3 and XT5 Overview

Let’s learn more about these shavers before comparing them.

Braun XT3:

The Braun XT3 is an excellent electric shaver that is well-known for its shaving performance. It provides a close and comfortable shave, which means it is gentle on your skin. It’s popular since it leaves your skin smooth and doesn’t irritate it.

Braun XT5:

The Braun XT5 is yet another excellent electric shaver. It can be used for both wet and dry shaving, which means it may be used with or without water. This is beneficial because everyone has distinct grooming preferences. It’s also quite adaptable, which means it can accomplish a wide range of tasks.

The Key Difference Between Braun XT3 vs XT5 

Braun Xt3000 is an all-in-one face electric razor, beard trimmer, and shaver for men. At the same time,e XT5200 is a hybrid beard and body trimmer for men. You can read the complete review of the Braun XT5 Series.

Difference between braun xt3 and xt5

Wet and Dry Shaving:

The ability to shave wet or dry is one of the key distinctions between the Braun XT3 and XT5. The Braun XT3 and XT5 are different when it comes to shaving. The XT3 is only for dry shaving, while the XT5 can be used with shaving foam or gel for a wet shave.

LED Display:

The Braun XT5 has a cool LED display. It shows how much battery is left and tells you when it’s time to clean or change the shaver head. But the XT3 doesn’t have this cool feature.

Shaving Technology:

Both shavers give you a close shave, but the XT5 has special Braun technology that adjusts to your face shape. This makes your shave even closer and smoother.


When you’re choosing a product, the first thing you notice is how it looks. The design can help you decide. Both the Braun XT3 and XT5 have similar designs, except for the color. The XT5 has a silver and black handle, while the XT3 has a simple black handle.

The Braun Series XT3 has a long, rounded handle made of stainless steel, plastic, and rubber. It has a cool matte finish that looks nice but not too fancy. The handle is easy to hold because of its rubber grip all around. Even if your hands are soapy, you won’t drop it.

The Braun Series XT5 has a design that’s almost the same as the XT3, so there’s not a big difference here.


Blades are very important for a shaver. They do the most important job, so having sharp, strong blades is very important. Braun uses special blade technology in its XT series. This technology removes more hair with each stroke than other shavers. It makes shaving easy, fast, and comfortable.

Both the Braun XT3000 and XT5200 come with the same blade. It has four cutting parts – two side trimmers and two middle shaving zones. This blade is gentle on the skin and moves very fast. It is designed to last for six months under certain conditions.

The new Braun Series XT has an improved blade that is faster and more comfortable. The razor has special slots for long hair and holes for short stubble. Shaving tricky areas like the chin and jawline is easier with the flexible and pivoting head. The head moves in four directions and adapts to the shape of your skin, giving you a close and precise shave every time. Plus, you can easily clean the blades after using them.

Guide combs

Guide combs make it easy to change the trimming length on electric razors. The XT3 and XT5 come with guide combs that let you adjust the length for trimming, shaving, or styling.

The XT3 has 3 combs (1mm, 3mm, and 5mm) for your face, while the XT5 has 6 combs (1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 0mm, and 3mm) for both your face and body.

Both razors have a SkinGuard guide comb that protects your skin, even in sensitive areas. They’re super easy to use – click them in place and trim them up and down safely.


A razor needs a strong battery to work well. Braun’s XT3 and XT5 razors have powerful Ni-MH batteries. These batteries are good for the environment and are safe to use. They can last a long time and don’t need a special system to manage them.

When fully charged, they can be used for up to 45 minutes. You can only use these razors without a cord, but they charge quickly. Just an hour of charging gives you 50 minutes of shaving time. The package includes a charging cable.


Braun makes really strong electric shavers called XT3 and XT5. They are tough because they are made of steel, plastic, and rubber. You can use them for a long time without having to get a new one. They can also work in wet and dry conditions because they are waterproof.


Price is important when choosing a product. If you want a good electric shaver that doesn’t cost too much, the Braun Series XT3 and XT5 are great options. They are high-quality and affordable, making them the best budget electric shavers for anyone on a tight budget.

They both are very high-quality electric shavers at very reasonable prices. If you are on a tight budget and want a good electric shaver, then these shavers are the best budget electric shavers for you.

Check the Latest Prices of Braun Series XT5 and Braun Series XT3 on Amazon.


Both trimmers perform well and have the same motors and design. The Braun XT5 comes with extra combs for easier shaving of your body. The XT3 effectively trims, styles, and shaves your beard. It has a movable head that adjusts to your body’s curves, reducing the chance of cutting your skin.

With the 3mm combs, it trims quickly and smoothly. Without combs, it rarely pulls on hair. The XT5 is also flexible and fast, giving good results for shaving your beard, chest hair, underarms, and groin hair. It works best when moved back and forth.

Sometimes, it can catch and pull delicate beard hairs, which may be uncomfortable. These trimmers are designed for grooming the body but not for trimming sideburn ends. Occasionally, the cutting head may get warm, which can be uncomfortable. They work well for thick facial hair.

My Personal Experience: A Hands-On Perspective

In my own experience with the Braun XT3 and XT5 electric shavers, I found them to be versatile and dependable grooming tools. Not only are they visually appealing, but their design is practical,l too. The XT3 has a 360-degree rubberized grip that makes it super easy to handle, even if your hands are soapy. The blades, which use 4D technology, provide a smooth and comfortable shave, and they are also gentle on the skin.

Customizing your shave is a breeze with the guide combs that come with these shavers, and the battery life is impressive. You won’t have to worry about the shaver dying in the middle of your grooming session. Plus, both shavers are durable and waterproof so you can use them every day without any issues. The best part is that they are affordable, so you can get high-quality grooming tools without spending a lot of money.

Based on my personal experience, I can say that these shavers are reliable and perform exceptionally well. I really liked using these shavers and think they are reliable and work well.

Similarities and Differences between Braun Series XT5 and XT3:

Both shavers are identical in design and performance, and there is no specific difference between them. The only major difference between them is 2 extra body combs and a traveling pouch, which are included in the Braun XT5. So, here are the some common difference given below.

Body Combs Difference:

The Braun XT3 and XT5 have different body combs. The XT3 has three combs (1mm, 3mm, and 5mm) for grooming your face.

On the other hand, the XT5 goes a step further with six combs. It has four combs (1mm, 2mm, 3mm, and 5mm) for facial grooming and two combs (0mm and 3mm) for grooming your body and pubic area.

This means that the XT5 is a great choice if you want to groom both your face and body. It gives you a lot of options for different hair lengths and styles.

Difference between braun xt3 and xt5

Skin Sensitivity:

Both the XT3 and XT5 are made to be gentle on your skin. They have special blades that adjust to your face, which helps to prevent irritation and razor burns.

Long-Lasting Battery:

Both shavers have batteries that last a long time. You can use them for many shaves before needing to charge again. This is great if you’re going on a trip.

Precision Trimmer:

Both the XT3 and XT5 come with a precision trimmer. This handy attachment helps you make your sideburns, mustache, or beard look just right.

Which One to Choose?

Choosing between the Braun XT3 and XT5 depends on what you like and need. Here are some things to think about:

If you like wet shaving with foam or gel, the XT5 is a good choice.

The XT5 has a display that shows battery and maintenance info, which some people might like.

If you want the latest shaving technology and a really close shave, the XT5 has cool features.

But if you’re okay with dry shaving and want to save money, the XT3 is a great option.

The XT3 costs less and still gives you a good shave.

Both shavers are gentle on your skin, comfortable to use, and have batteries that last a long time.

Pros and Cons:

  • High Speed Motor 450 Rotations Per Second
  • Sleek, Compact, Easy to use Rubberized Ergonomic Design
  • One Blade for Edge, Trim And Shave
  • Long Battery Timing up to 45 Minutes
  • Water Resistant- Wet Dry Shaver
  • Long-lasting blade, Six-month blade replacement
  • No Option for Storage for Braun Series XT3

Final verdict

For anyone looking for affordable, durable, and efficient shavers, these two are the best choices. They are easy to use, have excellent quality, and do a great job at a very reasonable price.

Whether you go for the Braun XT5 or XT3, you will make good use of your spending.

But if you are looking for any differences between these two products, There are hardly any differences between these two shavers; in fact, there isn’t even a difference between them.

The only difference in both shaves is the number of combs that come in with them. Braun XT5 comes with 2 extra body combs for body and pubic area shaving and a traveling pouch. Other than that, there is no difference between them.

The Braun Xt5 vs Philips OneBlade are both competitors. You can find the comparison between them in our article.

It could be argued that if there is no major difference between these two, then what is the point of spending more money on an expensive shaver if you can find all the options in a cheap version? Still, if you want extra combs for the body, then you have to spend an extra 20 dollars on the Braun series 5.

It is all from our side on these two new Braun hybrid electric shavers; I hope it will clear all the confusion and questions in your mind. If you have any other questions, feel free to use the comment section to ask anything related to these shavers.

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