How to Clean an Electric Shaver? | Best Way to Disinfect an Electric Shaver Quickly and Easily

Electric Shavers are a great way to maintain your appearance when you don’t have time to shave or want to go for that stubble look. However, the blades on the shaver can become clogged with hair and skin cells, which can lead to skin irritation.

One should always disinfect their electric shaver. So, one should not share his electric shaver with anyone to save himself from any health issues. Do you wonder how to clean an electric shaver? It’s not too difficult, but there are a few things you need to know.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best way to clean your electric shaver and how to disinfect your electric shaver. We’ll also provide some tips on how to get the most out of your shaver. So read on for all the information you need on keeping your electric shaver in top condition!

What is the Best Way to Clean an Electric Razor?

When you think about cleaning an electric shaver, the best way is probably a hot water rinse and a drop of mild shampoo to get it clean. That’s not necessarily the best method, though.


Electric shavers have an outer casing that keeps the inner workings safe from water damage. A hot water rinse will completely open up the razor, allowing water to seep inside and potentially damage it.

Maintaining the sharpness of your electric shaver is crucial for achieving a close and comfortable shave. To effectively sharpen an electric shaver, consider cleaning it with alcohol wipes rather than relying on a basic hot water rinse. Opt for high-quality alcohol wipes to ensure the most thorough cleaning process. This approach not only removes accumulated debris but also helps maintain the sharpness of the shaver’s blades, ultimately leading to a superior shaving experience.

If you want to know how to maintain your electric shaver best, you need to read on!

This guide will teach you how to clean your electric shaver properly. Whether it be a beard trimmer or an electric shaver, you are going to need to know how to clean one of these at some point in your life.

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How to Clean an Electric Shaver? The Complete Step-By-Step Guide


Watch the Expert Tutorial:

Before we delve into the detailed steps, consider watching this expert video tutorial for a visual guide on cleaning your electric shaver.

Follow these steps to clean your electric razor. It will save you money on the replacement of blades and foils throughout the year, saving you time and effort. Here are the steps on how to go about cleaning and disinfecting your electric shaver.

1) Disassemble the Foil/Rotating Blade Assembly:

Initiate the cleaning process by expertly disassembling the foil or rotating blade assembly. Apply gentle pressure to one side of the cutting head using your thumb or fingers, then lift that side until you hear a click, effectively detaching the entire foil/cutter assembly.

2) Carefully Remove Loose Hairs:

Use a brush with stiff bristles to expertly eliminate any stray hairs on the blade head. For rotary shavers, demonstrate your skill by taking apart all the components of the head, including the blades, and thoroughly clean them using the brush.


3) Craft a Diligent Cleansing Solution: 

Create a thorough cleaning solution by combining a few drops of hand dish soap or liquid soap with water to make a soapy lather. Use an old toothbrush or a gentle scrubbing pad to scrub the cutting head, foils, and blades carefully. Be sure to focus on the areas around the hinges of each cutting blade, demonstrating your attention to detail.

Note that you can also use rubbing Alcohol instead of hand dish soap; this could be a better choice if you have an old shaver with worn hinges, where bacteria might have started to grow because the blades are no longer securely attached.

4) Easily Remove Sticky Hairs:

To remove any obstinate hairs that have become stuck on the blades, use a brush with soft bristles. This method works on a wet or dry shaver and demonstrates your understanding of basic shaver upkeep.

5) Thoroughly Rinse the Blade Head:

Use your knowledge and experience to ensure that the blade head has been thoroughly rinsed. This can be accomplished by soaking it in a bowl of water or by running the shower over it. Any remaining hairs or tiny debris will be removed with the help of this, leaving it clean and ready for use.


6) Clean the Shaver Handle Correctly:

Make sure to wash the handle of the razor under running water after you have cleaned the shaver’s head. Any remaining debris that may have accumulated on or inside the handle will be cleared out by doing this.

By competently managing the cleaning procedure, you may demonstrate your dedication to preserving shaver hygiene. Shake off any excess water after rinsing, then gently dry the metal head to avoid corrosion before putting the razor back together. This will show how dependable and meticulous you are.

7) Reassemble Your Razor with Authority:

Reassembling your electric razor with assurance will demonstrate your proficiency. Verify that every hinge is connected correctly, precisely as it was before you disassembled it. After finishing, plug in the razor and turn it on, but for safety’s sake, keep your fingers away from the blades. Verify that the shaver’s cutters produce a strong airflow that demonstrates your deft control.

8) Remove Stubborn Debris with Expertise:

Showcase your abilities by thoroughly cleaning the shaver’s head with Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or white vinegar when dealing with tough debris or residue.

9) Take Preventive Action and Establish Trust:

It’s critical to establish credibility in order to avoid further accumulation. A suggestion against leaving the razor on its head after each usage is one approach to this.

10) Make utilize of a Cleaning Base (If Available):

If your electric razor has a cleaning base, utilize it properly. By doing this, you can be confident that your razor has been properly cleaned and dried before being put away. This move establishes credibility with your audience while also showcasing your knowledge.

How to Clean an Electric Razor with Alcohol?

Whenever you have a question in your mind,” How to clean an electric razor,” then remember Alcohol is one of the best cleaning agents for an electric razor. It not only cleans but also disinfects the electric shaver. This is an effective way to clean an electric razor.

Electric razors are hard to clean. Cleaning the electric razor is important to keep it working efficiently. Cleaning the electric razor with water may not disinfect the electric shaver.


Here are the steps for cleaning the electric razor with Alcohol.

1. Collect the required items

a. Alcohol (90% or above)

b. Cotton balls

2. Open the razor head and remove the blades.

3. It is advisable to use a soft brush to remove all the hair and skin particles inside the razor, then clean the metal parts.

4. Dip the cotton ball in Alcohol.

5. Clean the blade with the soaked cotton ball to remove all the debris and skin particles from the inside of it.

6. After cleaning the blades, wipe them off with a cotton ball soaked in Alcohol to disinfect them before reassembling them back into position on your electric shaver.

7. Clean the exterior of your electric razor with a cloth dipped in Alcohol.

8. Reassemble the razor after cleaning it, and dry it thoroughly before using it next time around.

You can also apply these steps to clean an electric razor with alcohol; you will get amazing results.

Is There Any Benefit of Sanitizing an Electric Shaver?


For optimum operation, your electric shaver needs to be cleaned and sanitized properly. Think about it: you wouldn’t want to eat your favorite meal with a dirty fork, would you? Similar unpleasant problems can arise from an unclean electric shaver.

So, why clean your electric shaver? Here’s why:

Healthy Skin:

Cleaning your razor regularly not only keeps it in good shape but also encourages glowing, healthy skin. Who wants to interact with a grumpy face, after all?

A Clean Shave:

Achieve a Refreshing Shave: Opting for a clean shaver not only delivers a smoother and more comfortable shaving experience but also enhances the effectiveness of the blades. Bid farewell to dull blades that fail to perform their job adequately.

No More Irritation:

Say Goodbye to Irritation: Regularly cleaning your shaver not only keeps your skin irritation-free but also prevents those pesky red bumps from popping up.

Long-Lasting Friend:

A Reliable Companion: If you take care of your electric shaver, you can rely on it to be a dependable companion for many years to come. This is unquestionably a wise investment!

Proper lubrication of an electric shaver is crucial for maintaining its hygiene and performance. An unhygienic electric razor, lacking in lubrication, can lead to skin irritation and problems with allergies. In addition, an unclean and under-lubricated device will also cause problems with the shaving task itself, making it less efficient and uncomfortable.

So, remember to clean your electric shaver just like you clean your favorite toys or dishes. Your face will thank you, and you’ll have a much better shaving experience!

How To Make Sure Your Shaver Lasts Longer And Doesn’t Break 

When it comes to looking after your shaver, you should keep a few simple rules in mind.


Maintaining a long-lasting Electric Razor is a common concern for users seeking to maximize the value of their devices. Keep the head of the electric razor clean and free from hairs, oils, and other gunk that can build up over time. This will ensure a smoother shave and improve the life expectancy of your beloved device. Using shaving cream with an electric razor is another best way to keep it safe.

Keep your shaver dry at all times. If it gets wet, be sure to give it a good wipe and let it dry fully before moving forward with the next step of cleaning and anything else, such as charging it back up or putting it away.

Replace electrical components that show signs of wear and tear, such as blades and cutters. Store your device somewhere dry but not too cold or hot. A shed or cupboard is a good idea as you won’t be able to forget about it and leave it out in the rain or heat, which will damage it further.

With this step-by-step guide, we hope you now know how to clean an electric shaver.


It’s important to keep your electric shaver in good condition, not only for the lifespan of the device but because it will provide a better shave and save your skin from bacteria and other irritation. The result is an electric shaver that looks new and works well.


You don’t have to be afraid of cleaning your electric shaver! With this article, you’ll learn how to clean an electric razor quickly and easily so you can get back out there shaving with confidence. Thanks for reading our blog post on how to clean an electric razor. We hope it has been helpful!

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How Often Should I Clean My Electric Shaver?

Regularly cleaning your electric razor is essential to keep it in optimal condition. Experts recommend cleaning your razor every 3 months or after each use to ensure better performance and longevity. This practice not only reduces the risk of issues such as nicks, cuts, and infections but also improves the overall shaving experience.

How to Clean an Electric Razor With Hydrogen Peroxide?

To effectively clean an electric razor using hydrogen peroxide, follow these easy steps:

1. Start by wetting the shaver.

2. Apply hydrogen peroxide to the razor head.

3. Turn on the razor and hold it in a head-down position to remove any trapped hair.

4. Afterward, wipe off any excess hydrogen peroxide and residue.

5. Rinse the razor under cool water to ensure all the cleaning solution is removed.

6. Lastly, allow the razor to dry thoroughly before storing or using it again to prevent any potential irritation.

By following these simple instructions, you can maintain your electric razor’s hygiene and ensure optimal performance.

Can You Clean an Electric Razor in the Dishwasher?

Do not place an electric razor in the dishwasher; it could get damaged. Instead, opt for a damp cloth with soap or a gentle brush for cleaning. After cleaning, be sure to rinse it thoroughly.

How to Clean an Electric Razor With Vinegar?

To clean your electric razor with vinegar, start by mixing 1 part vinegar with 4 parts water. Then, dip a brush into the mixture and use it to scrub the dirty areas of the razor. If desired, you can also sprinkle a bit of baking soda for added cleaning power. Finally, rinse the razor thoroughly to ensure all vinegar is removed.

Can You Clean an Electric Razor With Alcohol?

You can use Alcohol to clean an electric razor effectively. Wet the brush, then gently scrape while applying Alcohol. Ensure that the shaving head is completely dried before use to avoid any potential damage. Remember to rinse the razor to eliminate any residue thoroughly.

Is It Better to Clean an Electric Razor With Water, Vinegar, or Alcohol?

To keep your electric razor in good condition, it’s important to sanitize it properly. Use a solution that avoids hydrogen peroxide near any openings, and steer clear of chlorine, as it can cause damage.

Why are electric razors best for shaving?

Electric razors are best suited for people who want to shave quickly and get on with their day. Electric shavers can be more convenient than manual ones and give a more even cut of the hair.
The best electric razors will prevent you from getting nicked or irritated when you’re in a rush or don’t feel like shaving.

Why are there so many electric razors to choose from?

There are numerous electric shavers available, each offering its benefits depending on your skin type, hair texture, and shaving routine. For those with sensitive skin, it is recommended to shave in the shower using lukewarm water.

After cleansing your face, proceed with shaving and follow up with a moisturizer. If you have long hair, trimmers are ideal, while electric shavers are best suited for shorter hair.

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