How to Get a Close Shave with an Electric Shaver The Ultimate Guide

The electric razor is a popular grooming tool among men. It has been in use for over 100 years and is considered the most convenient way to shave. But still, the question remains: how to get a close shave with an electric shaver?

Electric razors come in different types, shapes, and sizes. The type of electric razor you choose will depend on your needs and budget. There are three main categories of electric razors: rotary shavers, foil shavers, and beard trimmers.

Different people have different needs when it comes to choosing the best electric razor for themselves. Some people prefer rotary shavers because they are gentler on the skin while others look for foil shavers because they offer a closer shave than rotary shavers with less irritation. Whatever your preference, there is an electric razor out there that can suit your needs perfectly!

Can Electric Shaver Give a Close Shave?

Yes, an electric shaver can give a close shave. However, it is often difficult to achieve the same level of closeness as a razor does.


The difference in closeness depends, to a large extent, on the model of the shaver. The closeness achieved by an electric shaver is, however, adequate for most people. Some of the newer models can give extremely close shaves. In addition, they are also reasonably easy to use.

What Is the Best Type of Electric Razor to Get a Close Shave?

Electric razors have been in use for a while now, with the first electric shaver invented in 1928. The best type of electric razor is dependent on the person’s skin type and hair texture.


There are two types of electric shavers, rotary and foil. Each of them has its own pros and cons and therefore, it depends on your preferences which of the two would be better for you.

A foil shaver is a type of electric razor designed to provide a close shave. It is also known as a straight electric shaver.

Foil shavers are simple in design and easy to use. They have less parts. They also require more maintenance, which means that the user has to replace their head more often than with rotaries.

Foil shavers are better at getting into hard-to-reach areas like the neck and jawline and provide close shave but they do not work as well on coarse hair. Foil shavers are cheaper and they also work better on sensitive skin or people who shave less often.

Rotary shavers work better on thick and coarse hairs than foil shavers, however, they are not as good at getting into hard-to-reach areas. The rotary shavers are usually more expensive than foil shavers, but they are also more efficient. They are better for people with coarse hair or people who shave every day.

Wet dry electric razors are the most common type of electric razor because they can be used in both wet and dry conditions.

How to Get a Close Shave with an Electric Shaver

Electric shavers are a great alternative to the traditional wet shave. They provide a close and comfortable shave. However, it’s important to know how to use them properly in order to get the best results.


There are some basic steps that you can follow in order to get a close shave with an electric shaver:

Shaver is Fully Charged

It is important to make sure that your shaver is charged and ready to go before you start shaving. When the battery runs low during shaving, it will affect the closeness of the shave. To get a close shave, make sure your electric shaver is fully charged.

Use Shaving Cream or Shaving Gel


To get a close shave you can use shaving cream or shaving gel. Use a shaving brush to apply the cream or gel in a circular motion. Shaving creams and gels help to create a protective layer that will lift the hairs away from the skin, making them easier to cut with your electric shaver.

Shave Against The Grain

Always shave against the grain of your hair for best results. This will provide you with a closer shave and will also reduce irritation. Move slowly while you move in an upward direction on your face. This way, you won’t cut yourself by accident! 

Trim Long Hairs

If you have long hair, trim it before you use an electric shaver. Long hairs will tangle in the shaver and cause clogging.

Shave After a Shower

Shaving after a shower will soften your skin and remove dead cells from the surface of your skin. This will make shaving easier and more comfortable for you. It will also reduce irritation after shaving. 

It is important to make sure your face is clean before using an electric razor because any dirt or oil on your skin can affect its performance by clogging up the blades or making it harder for them to cut through hair properly. Make sure there’s no residue from wash-up products either,

Hold At Right Angle

Hold your electric razor at a 90-degree angle from your face and move it back and forth in short strokes, going with the grain of your hair growth. Always start with long strokes.

Keep the Pressure Even

Try to keep the pressure even on the electric razor. Don’t press down on the razor too hard. This can cause irritation and in some cases even break the skin.

Clean Electric Razor

After completing the shave, clean the blades of your electric razor with water. Make sure to dry it well before you store it.


Cleaning and lubricating electric shaver help to get a close shave every time, dull blades can cause pain and trouble to get a close shave. Lubrication and cleaning also increase the life span of an electric shaver.



All these electric or battery-operated razors can shave close if you do it right. The key is to keep the shaver at the same angle while the blades are moving across your face. Using the lift and cut motion prevents you from tugging at facial hair and pulling it out by the root. You should also use a good shaving gel or foam, and use a sharp-headed razor for the best results.

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